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King of New York

The King of New York race series is a collection of New York State's most exciting grassroots down-river events. The point series builds on the tradition of pick-up racing at whitewater festivals across New York State. King of New York whitewater race seriesPoints will be awarded for finishes at community organized races on the Black, Beaver, Raquette, and Moose rivers. The winner will be crowned King of New York at the Moose River Festival.

The format of the events is split between mass starts on the Black and Moose rivers and timed runs on the Beaver and Raquette rivers. Points will be awarded for finishes at each event. Results from each race will be posted to this site. Each racer's top 3 finishes will be used to determine their overall standing and to crown this year's "King of New York". These races are open to all craft and we will be tracking any class that's challenged.


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